That’s it I’m done with writing documents like Software Product Specifications and Software Requirements Documents and Software Architecture Documents, manuals, data sheets and more in MS word..

I’m doing it all form this point forward in LaTeX... I can stay in my editor, it works beautifully with version control because it’s just text... I can split it amung multiple files.. it looks damn sexy. I can focus on the content rather than being distracted by formatting and spelling issues and the rest of that shit.. ALSO.. it doesn’t crash or get corrupted.. well at-least I’ve never had a text editor crash or corrupt my files.

Idk why I didn’t learn latex sooner and do the switch.

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    Well my dumbass company won't spend money on MS products in the first place so I guess there was a silver lining to that.
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    @hashedram still need PowerPoint and excel but word has just been eliminated in my book... if I can recreate our PowerPoint templates in latex Beamer or what ever the presentation version is without looking 1990s ish, then we are golden and there goes 2 programs just need to smash excel... last the “hardest to beat” I think..
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    Yeah I feel you. I am using markdown for this purpose. When they need mail or doc, I just copy rendered result to mail or doc and viola, I have a standart format for my content everywhere.
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    @QuanticoCEO Excel is a weird thing. It doesn't really have a good replacement mainly because all of its features can be replaced with minimal python knowledge. For this reason I didn't look much into it, but SC seems like a nice thing if you're into that sort of stuff.
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    @hack Markdown + pandoc is amazing. I used it to write my final year report and you can easily make it look like it was written in latex. Nothing against latex, but I find markdown much faster to work with.
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    @hack Yeah, markdown is very nice. Also renders on most (all?) git hosting sites.
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