In our next school-block, our class will be split in 2 groups, one goes to school during the first week, the other during the second week.
Sounds reasonable and all until you recognize, that the first week only has 3 schooldays, because of a holiday and a vacation day.
The holiday is set by law, so you can't actually do anything about it, but the vacation day can be set freely.
That means they could have just moved the vacation into the lockdown, but choose not to, because fuck students.

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    We're talking about the year round Japanese model here. I've been wanting it for decades, so naturally I'm in full support.
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    Actually, I don't know what the flying fuck your talking about, since I'm a trade-school student from Saxony, Germany.
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    Odd, euros generally have a broader worldview than Americans. Carry on.
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    Eh, I guess NRW does exactly the same.
    Gotta go to school three more times for six lessons each day and that's it.
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