Around a year ago I got drunk, watched half of True Detective s01 over the night, and posted stuff like this to Instagram Stories.

I don't have access to alcohol right now :/

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    And how does that make you feel?
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    Drunk alone?
    Man that's sad, not that I have any experience with that
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    @Root sober :/
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    @Ranchu hahah sure
    Honestly though, getting drunk alone isn't half bad. I mean, it's better than drinking with people who don't know their limits so you have to watch their drinks and stop em when they've had enough and make and put some coffee in them so they'll manage to get home and all that jazz.
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    @sysm9 in my case it was depression drinking.
    Retched all night long, never doing this shit again.
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    @Ranchu drinking to cope is a bad situation, friend. I've been there, I getcha. *hug*
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    @sysm9 hug back
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