What is it with wget and repeatedly getting this odd bug where it segfaults or passes invalid sizes to free() or malloc() when you resize a terminal it's running in? For fuck's sake

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    Terminal resizing triggers it? 🤔

    By the way, my (terminal) windows are either minimized or maximized
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    You can't always wget what you want...

    But if you try sometime...

    You'll find...

    You wget what you need...
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    Maybe a multiplexer issue? I've never encountered this.
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    @SortOfTested I don't get why wget would fail then, while curl is perfectly fine.

    @Demolishun I decided to just curl up into a ball.
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    something done poorly in the SIGWINCH hangling?
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    @netikras You mean, once again? I swear, wget is the only tool that consistently crashes due to window size changes, across platforms.
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