Update: Apparently, I just needed to leave the apartment.

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    So going out and in again dd solve the issue.
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    @Lor-inc That's what she said
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    Just be careful and avoid crowds! Good luck and stay safe!
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    @Lor-inc & @AmyShackles
    There is new studies that found :
    When we humen pass through doors, we forget a good amount of stuff we got on our mind.
    It's like sleep, a mechanism that sorts out. Strongly linked to our utter most biological needs and behaviour of entering and leaving a cave, e. g.

    Also, if you've been experiencing greenish nature, this has a soothing effect too. We're reacting weirdly positive to this colour and some complex healing / working out mechanisms set in.

    Enjoy sanity. Go back to coding. Repeat. ='D
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    @scor So my thoughts can't get in through the doorway?
    That explains why I don't have major ideas nowadays.
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