"everyone can code" is like to say "everyone can write". Yes, everyone can write, but there's a difference between be able to write and be able to write a successful well-written novel

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    also, everyone can do almost anything given enough time and dedication. the matter is actually having given that effort.
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    @cors I was referring to all those advertisement which promise you to become a programmer in 2 weeks
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    @crisz oh i see...
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    Good point!
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    I know if you put time in you can learn, however not in a short time because realistically the only way you can learn in 2 weeks is to code all day, every day.

    Personally, I couldn't code anything to save my life 2 years ago, but I've been slowly teaching myself how to code.

    I can't create any master pieces and I'm terrible at sticking to coding standards... but I've created a few working applications in Python and C# as well as improving my scripting knowledge in Power Shell.

    So coming from a non-programming background, I know that if you put effort in, you can learn.
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    @cors couldn't agree more. Determination is an intelligence of its own.
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    Only experience can learn you this
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