There was a task of fixing up a payments page that features pretty complex logic. Initially it was like 200 lines of code, seems short but it was a fucking spaghetti mess. Never seen more cognitively complex code in my life.

So I delete the spaghetti and pull out the 500 lines fucking state machine. It works perfectly. It’s perfectly understandable even though it’s longer.

This is how I deal with problems. Shorter code isn’t always better code.

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    200 lines but 2k cognitive complexity is never fun
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    The thing I see every Junior dev doing ever.
    “this code was too complex; it uses some useless shit like dependency injection”
    “I rewrote it with all static variables. Look how it’s easy now”
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    @NoToJavaScript there’s a difference between necessary and unnecessary complexity
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    I'm currently going through my company's Adam and Eve processes right now and every file is like that. I feel your pain brother. Spaghetti is tasty but I'll be damned if I want a nice juicy steak once in a while.
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