No, I didn't. Also, beside the point but only guys on that team apart from me.

Why is this such a fucking pressing issue right now? I feel terrible that because of my presence everyone now thinks they have to mind their language. I say 'guys', I will say 'guys', I will be called 'guys' and will always oppose this bullshit agenda of coming up with problems where they don't exist.

In my world suppressing your natural speech is a form of censorship. And where there is censorship there is me in rage, rage FUCKING RAGE!

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    This bot needs to be uninstalled 😄
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    Heh, we also use this bot but for more usefull things, like cursing people who use the word outlook.
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    Soon bots will be like:

    IT: Check that slave node, might be off

    Bot: Reporting you to police you racist -_-
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    ah no, i wont uninstall it. I have a strict "do not entertain this BS" rule which implies i painfully ignore all attempts to make it a discussion worthy topic unless I'm forced to. So i will continue speaking freely and ignore if someone tells me to stop.

    They can escalate it to the fucking pope if they wish ima tell him to kiss my ass too
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    Was just talking about this to a friend.
    This is a problem nowadays because people dont experience the real world. Dont have to hunt for food and dont have predators so they get like this.... All but hurt because of the tiny things that dont matter at all.
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    "some of us don't identify so no one can! accept our new language proposals! we must rewrite all languages to have zero gender at all!"
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    Is there a feature where it autocorrects stuff to automatically include all 7.8 Billion pronouns and genders?
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    This shit is annoying af. I saw a git issue thread where a maintainer was being called out on a really silly bug.

    The reporter was being perfectly nice and said something like "Let me know if you guys need help"

    And this absolute douchebag can't think of any reply but "Mind your language, there are women on the team"

    Have we gone completely mad as a species?
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    I couldn’t agree more the shit needs to stop.
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    That’s a PC bot, everyone is trying be PC !!!
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