My company is a joke so I wrote my resignation in comic sans. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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    I used "Chiller" in red font and black background. I used my company's printer to print that black background.
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    @rutee07 Hopefully you printed on A1-3 and not A4
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    @amatrelan I actually did this except not the entire paper. My previous company requires us to print transportation receipts and manually type them into another form. Since not all our trips are reimbursible, we had to do some editing on the receipts.

    I was so pissed off, I covered the non-reimbursible ones in giant black bars and printed it like that. I had 20 pages of that censored shit. My colleagues loved it.
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    Thanks for the inspiration. Henceforth I'll submit my uni assignments with Comic Sans
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    Comic Sans is not a joke. People misusing the font are the joke. Joke's on you. 🙃🙂
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    @devGaara pretty sure you aren't allowed to :)
    At least my Uni had strict requirements on which fonts, size, etc. you were allowed to use (I just used the official LaTeX template, so it was less painful than it sounds).
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    @zvyn yes 😂 ofcourse there are rules for the font and its size. I wish I could use comic sans though
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