Someone mentioned Holy C in another thread and I automatically knew they were referencing the language, based on C, and developed by Terry A Davis from Temple OS and Schizophrenic fame.

I legit felt sad for the man, he was obviously a very talented and smart programmer. You removed all the racial slurs, crazy dialogues and biblical stuff that was caused by his mental illness and you were left with a very brilliant and dedicated programmer.

While Hurd (kernel meant to replace Linux) will fucking never see the light of day after years in the making, Terry was able to generate: his own compiler for his own programming language, kernel, drivers, desktop environment, filesystem TODO by himself. I mean, fuck me dude, he even included games of his own design into the damned thing, using very advanced concepts that were present in flight simulators or doom like fps.

It just bothers me so much, the dude would have probably done amazing non-religious things if it were not for his illness.

If you like reading about this sort of thing, check him out, there are a couple of youtube videos by him. Don't be put off by the shit that he spews in some videos, remember, he was saying shit like that out of a very real mental illness.

Oh, and fuck Hurd

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    Oh yes, I find this man inspiring. The "Down the Rabbit Hole" episode on Temple OS is the best one I've seen so far. His story is very sad though.

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    I think that I was a part of that thread, yeah it’s sad. Honestly don’t think he reached his full potential until TempleOS but after that it was just 🤷. Wish he could have been treated for his issues earlier
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    There are some eerie parallels between that guys life and mine. Pretty sure I am not schitzo though. I feel for anyone trapped in a mode of thinking that is not healthy. Been there. It is so easy to get that way. Right now the world is in a mode of unhealthy thinking that will put millions into poverty. Having been in therapy I recognize this and worry for the world.
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    RIP Terry, he was the chosen one
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    @rutee07 that is precisely one of the videos I had in mind. Thanks for posting it here for others man!
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    @rutee07 I love the down the rabbit hole episode on this. Such a great series!
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