!rant Just an observation. There is a lot of discussion about syntax. Should it be tabs or spaces or should the opening bracket be on the same line as the method/function. There is 101 languages and standards. Syntax varies and you just can't learn it all.

What is more important? Result or the aesthetics? If you come into a project you adapt. You use the syntax everyone else is using. If you are a part of starting a project you agree on rules of engagement and stick to them so the team works at maximum efficiency. If you lead a project you define the rules by adapting to your teams habits. Because in the end it's the working product we are after.

Golden mean.

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    I'd rather be working slower on more readable code, so it's way easier to maintain when a bug arrives.

    The user might not notice it, but for the developers it's a godsend. You don't want to be debugging years old code. Write code of python-like cleanliness and adhere to the rules of DRY and SOLID, and you will have an experience of a lifetime (if the rest of your team also follows those rules..)
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