After the fun I had with the XEN Orchestrator UI ( https://devrant.com/rants/2554182/ ) I build an exporter that normalizes XEN / Proxmox API output and writes it into a nice spreadsheet.

Took PHP 7.4 for a spin. Sweet jesus, lot of nice stuff.

Been nearly a year since I did something larger than small scripts in PHP, but felt really at home again.

The type hinting and arrow functions made writing the exporter a breeze.

DTOs with typed properties spared me quite a bit of headache when normalizing the different APIs...

Utilizing *sort with fn arrow function is a pretty nice and concise one liner with the spaceship operator.

And I have now a nice spreadsheet...

Thanks at the PHP folks.

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    Sounds like you had fun!
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    @Jilano Yeah... And that XLS is a lifesaver.

    Replanning > 50 VMs plus Distribution Upgrade spanned over 8 VMs. I really didn't want to grab that data of an HTML UI....
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