Sometimes it be like dat

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    Unsuspecting junior developer: Hoe bad could it be?

    2 hours later: Oh my god
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    it really do be like that sometimes in php man. My favorite Language right next to C, Clojure and Pharo, but dear me some people write some horrible shit in it
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    ++ for Django.

    Worked on PHP projects in college days. Looking back, that code is complete mess.

    I don't know how bad or good PHP is. But beginner will easily end up writing spaghetti code if not provided proper guidance.
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    Last month I changed my employer. Now I have a 15 years old PHP code base at my new employer. It's a great challenge for me.
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    So let's say you open this file and think "yeah I'm gonna take this guy's advice and not work on this." I wonder how that conversation's gonna go with the boss. I wonder if there's any oh&s rules that come into play given the previous dev claims that code gave them clinical depression
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    @turbopixel great isn’t the word I would use, but gl anyway.
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    I was once hired at a company that was looking for a guy with lots of laravel experience. Turned out they’ve been looking for someone who was using laravel at the times of the 3.0 release and I had to keep alive their Laravel 3.1 based CMS. And no, that was not 7 years ago but last year.
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    And yes, i felt like that guy.
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