Yesterday my friend called me programming Jesus for getting her code to work properly

She's started learning python. All I did was fix the indentation issues and explain that whitespace is finicky in python and send her a couple of article links about it. pretty boring of an issue

I'm kinda bored I wish someone had a more substantial issue for me to look at and have to actually learn something new to fix it

Considering finding a project on github to try and contribute to as a side project when I need a brake from my projects. But as a worse-than-mediocre college coder I'm intimidated to even try

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    Haven't dealt much with Python, but this is something that has always confused me a little about it - like imagine accidentally hitting Space or Tab somewhere and messing up your code just for that.
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    @kamen it's not really that bad. Even when I was first learning it back in high school I never had a big issue with spacing unless I was trying to break something (just to see what would happen), and back the all I had to use was IDLE I didn't even know what an IDE was when I was first starting with python

    Her issue was that she was watching a tutorial and for some reason considered spacing inconsequential leading to everything breaking but most people in my opinion won't have any spacing issues that bad
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    Agreed, have used python for 10 weeks and never had any spacing issues, my IDEA alarmed me immediatelu
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    I am trying to get webrtc to work to be able to stream a local video in real time. It has been frustrating. Maybe you could give that a try 😜.
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    Just enable whitespace symbols in your editor np++, or any intlij IDE can do it.
    Use pycharm community.
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