Doing office even when it's vacation day today...
Not because I am a workaholic or there is work pressure from company...
But because I like doing my work as a developer and it's quite peaceful and fun to code for some hours rather than idling around at home figuring out how to kill time especially during this lockdown period...
P.S. Planning to find some time to learn from online tutorials too in the evening 😁

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    Just be careful not to burn yourself out.
    Even if you enjoy something immensely, not taking mental breaks from it is unhealthy.
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    @Root Yes that's totally true. Burn out is a real problem in our industry. I took a break this weekend from coding for 2 days. Took a lot of rest and did fun activities. Now feeling totally refreshed to resume back to work for this week. Hope you had a fun and relaxing weekend tooπŸ˜„
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