Working From Home. Living the Dream.

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    I would love to work from home, 100km each way every day quickly gets tedious..
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    pretty accurate, except for the "forgot how to talk to humans". Enough time is spent on conference calls and slack channels.
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    @electric-ghost This. Sometimes I work from morning until midnight and feel like crap.
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    Very accurate, especially the "forgot how to talk to humans." Conference call once a week. Verbal skills: nil. My writing is fine, though.

    Oh, and my coworkers are a fish and my cute, annoying little monster.
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    I prefer to go to the office most of the time. When I say WFH, I’m actually not working 😁
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    @electric-ghost Yeah.
    I'm at my 2nd year, relying on public transport for the most part.. 😅
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    @electric-ghost right, makes sense.
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    I like how “DESK” is the only thing in quotes
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    My main reasons for working at home:

    * No time lost on traveling (even though I live close)
    * Underpants
    * Don't have to share fridge with coworkers
    * Feel more comfortable playing games during breaks
    * 6 displays at home vs 2 at work
    * No retarded yells from sales guys closing deals
    * Watch/listen to stuff without headphones
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    I started remote work 4 months ago, and I totally feel you :/
    WTH I miss the outside world :(
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    I found my self a co-working space though for cheap
    It helps to change your working environment here and there
    But I know the pain and it’s really challenging finding life work balance :/ even though I live in Brooklyn NY, good luck
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    Makes sense.
    I think balance is the key.
    Now i am working from home 3 days a week only and my ability to talking other humans getting slowly improved!
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    Still on point.
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