Boss before client meeting:

Boss: So sudocode, how are we planning to do this?
Me: *explains*

Boss during client meeting:

Boss: So sudocode, you should do it like this *explains the stuff I told him a minute ago*.
'I hope you understood!'

Me: ... *sigh*


So glad I am leaving this shit show soon.

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    People like you who stop retaliating (indirectly) encourage such douches to continue to be douches
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    @asgs I am in notice period, that was my retaliation.

    Any provocation will get me terminated. Has happened to others at the company.
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    I had a boss like this. We used to fight a lot and he also made himself look like the puppy being terrorized by the bitch that is me. Luckily, I didn't care. He said I accused him of being a credit-grabber. I told him everything that he did and how it all fits the label.
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    @sudocode ah. That company must be too fragile to work with then. Otherwise, showing him back what he showed first shouldn't trigger anything except a glorious hall of shame
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    why not tell him some retarded shit in the first place then let him make a fool of himself in front of the client while you correct him then talk to the client behind his back to snatch the deal for yourself.
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    @molaram Boss will create another issue to cause more trouble later. A prime example of how ego destroys decision making skills. The best thing to do is to have the least interaction. Everyone at the company has been surviving following this.

    My only objective rn is to leave with minimum commotion, will review the company once I get full and final.
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    Had the same a bit ago. But it was my cofounder 😂
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    @molaram sounds lik a good plan.
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    Dude there is no shame in being agressive about that shit and calling them out, lord knows I have done it many times.
    "Oh you mean much like what I mentioned before the meeting? Yeah I am tracking :D"

    Literally, fuck managers like that, I keep throwing motherfuckers under the boss at work. I guess the situation might be different since I am a manager as well, but I would do this shit even before I was promoted.
    Fuck assholes like that that try and take credit for other people's ideas, them bitches got no place in IT
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    @molaram oof, now that is an actual good idea. Evil af
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    @rutee07 man i legit hate people like that. One of the other managers in my department keeps doing this shit. He is a nice guy, and he kinda talks to his employees to help him look good. I wouldn't mind if it weren't because he takes credit from the DBA which is my best boy AND the other dude is close to retiring, should be giving credit to the DBA so that the DBA can take his place after his ass is gone. Shit seriously pisses me off.
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    Shameless nitwit
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