My boss asked me and another one to make a webapp that uses socket.io as "api".
There are 2 client apps (one in ionic+react the other one just react) and the server code (nodeJS)

Now he started working on it too but he has no experience of nodeJS and no experience whatsoever on react and only heard of ionic.

on his first deploy nothing connected anymore.

But i gotta say I appreciate the fact he's trying to keep himself up to date with technologies we're using

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    he will know your value by then
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    Right now we're at:
    >boss, did you push your changes?
    >* fetching... nothing*
    >how about no?
    <idk there's some error but i did type "git push"
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    he added a field to the form and then fucked up the whole transmission and then blamed us for not being able to make the data be delivered from one end to the other
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