WSL seems really cool from what i've been toying with it. WSL2 seems like it'll be even better and the integration with docker(another thing i'm toying with) looks interesting. as far as i can find though it's only on windows insider for now, and I don't like having telemetry on my main machine.

So i spent a good chuck of my day just setting up Hyper-v, learning about nested virtualization (so docker will work), setting up a win10pro vm, and i'm now in the process of setting this up to be a virtualized dev machine (not gonna be a one use only system cause i spent way too long on this shit) and setting up docker and wsl

I don't know much about docker or WSL beyond just some random stuff i've learned to toy with to simplify some things i do. but maybe this will give me a cool way to actively learn more about them and maybe use them as more than just boredom toys

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    in case it's not clear from that entire thing, or any post on my account, i'm a programmer with NO idea what i'm doing I'm just going along with random things i find interesting or am told to learn about
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    the docker wsl runs inside a hyper-v vm. so... you are setting up a dev vm, and running docker inside a vm running on top of that vm!

    The idea of docker is to share host resources efficiently between processes while maintaining isolation. nesting vms is NOT that.
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    @magicMirror really this is just a way to toy with wsl2 and it's docker integration without having to turn on telemetry on my main machine. I'm only turning it into a Dev cm because why not.
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