I couldn't find a devRant IRC channel so I created one.

Feel free to join: irc.oftc.net #devrant

It should be only me for now but I hope that will change soon :D


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    that's good and all but, how is irc these days? you know with slack, discord and others going on
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    @JhonDoe still like it better than everything else
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    Now we're 2!
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    Here I come
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    @PublicByte there is a bridge *facepalm*
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    @PublicByte I don't think you've got any idea what matrix even is. Also what huge advantage do I have using Riot for example?
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    @PublicByte well I really don't care about that in the case of IRC. I also do think matrix is great, I even developed stuff for it and know some of it's core contributors. But I still prefer IRC for simple chatting. It just feels way better to use especially for groups, it doesn't support any fancy shit which is IMHO a big advantage and it runs on a calculator if I want it to and I can easily write a bot in like 5 minutes, and there are also pretty good command line applications for it.
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    @lolcube also I know that it is very insecure but why should I care? I won't use IRC for anything that shouldn't be public anyways
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    @PublicByte and yeah... I admit that it's also kind of nostalgia related. IRC is just impractical enough to keep most unskilled people and idiotic users away from it. It just feels like the real Internet, it feels ... like a BBs not like something that was raped to oblivion so that Lusers can watch all the fancy blinky stuff... Its just what it claims to be. A text chat. No fancy animations. No blinky Icons nothing but text and maybe some established practical features.
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    @PublicByte riot is a chat matrix a protocol
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    @lolcube oh and most important: no fucking profile pictures. I just love that there aren't any. And that Pictures don't get shown directly.
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    @PublicByte *hypocrisy incoming* I am 19 so.... Fake nostalgia but I am really not a fan of today's social media in general ... (not counting devrant even though I don't really see it as being in the same category ) but I honestly can't understand what's so fucking great about snapchat, Instagram etc... All those people showing off just how amazing they are... It's a cruel world

    Edit: I have a C64 though soo... I am trying :P love SID music (listen to the album(?) "modern love classics" especially "jogging naked") sounds different on every C64 :D
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