K&R Like it or not, everything that we use was impacted by the advantage of having the C Programming language on our side. C is still to this day a cornerstone of what a a language should be, nothing more nothing less.

John McCarthy the creator of Lisp and the one that coined Artificial Intelligence as a topic, a term, without him if else statements would have probably taken a while longer to figure out the way my boy did. Lisp will make you a better developer.

Alan Kay, creator of OOP, yeh we had ways to emulate this with C before, bit without his contribution to what I believe to be the purest form of oop we would not haveany additional things. Smalltalk is still the best programming language in my humble opinion.

Terry A Davis, disciplined, and crazy, the man built a skyscraper by himself, God knows what he would have done if he weren't afflicted by mental illness.

Linus Torvalds, for many different things, creator of the kernel that would power my favorite operating system.

Ryan Dhal, took the world by storm with Node.js

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