Ken Thompson.

One of the creators of:
- B
- C
- Go
- Unix
- UTF-8

He is a freaking legend.

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    Father of modern civilization yet few people know him
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    Isnt the creator of C that algorithm guy?
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    @Gregozor2121 Dennis Ritchie is largely credited with the creation of the language, but Ken Thompson also worked on it. In fact, on Wikipedia, it just lists Dennis' name, not Ken's!
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    @Gregozor2121 The story is Ken and Dennis wanted to implement a language called BCPL but the docs weren't available or something so they cut down the language and called it B, but B was too slow, so Dennis improved B and called it C
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    B and C implies there's an A. I want to use the ABC stack.
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    @lopu Nah, it started at BCPL, see my comment above.
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    @lopu @AlgoRythm there is an A programming language prior to this
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    @matt-jd no there is not. APL was there before BCPL but A and A+ came much later. However only CPL, BCPL, B and C are direct descendants.
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