Do you think Auth0 is a good solution for smaller projects? Is it easy to replace in the future? Know any good (and preferably cheap) alternatives?

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    @yellow-dog Would you say it could support around 2000 users for free?
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    @ScriptCoded no idea, read the pricing. I used it for about a 300 ppl userbase tops.
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    Use OAuth2/OpenIdConnect.

    So you can use almost any modern provider (e. g. Auth0).

    So you can use Auth0 for now and are flexible for the future.
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    @yellow-dog According to their pricing it should be free, but I find there's always some hidden cost when it comes to Google.

    @R3ym4nn Yeah that's what I've landed in as well. Any Oauth2 service should be hot swappable. Mostly thinking if there's any hidden things I might be missing or notice halfway into using it. Shouldn't be if it's only Oauth2, but I'd still be using their libraries I think.
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    You could also look into Keycloak. It is an open source solution but you might have to manage it's deployment. Luckily, the community is really cool and you get lot of configuration options.
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    @yakomakaza Thanks, I'll have a look!
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