Start reading the freaking PR and stop complaining for hours that it is too big!

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    How big are we talking? Beyond a certain size it gets near impossible to vet a PR sensibly.
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    @AlmondSauce it's HUGE but still manageable.. Anyway rant over, I am over it hehe
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    At Amazon, if you submit a massive PR, most people would ignore it until you made it reasonable. You would then be on the hook for failing to respect your teammate's time and not being able to deliver your work.

    Not properly sizing your PRs was one of the fastest ways out the door.
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    @SortOfTested Please don't make assumptions and equate behaviors based on very probably unrelated situations with so many diverging parameters. I fully understand what you mean and that is why I deliberately and vaguely used the words huge but still manageable in my prior comment. Thanks for the internal culture information though - good to know..
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    @PublicByte alright I am sorry I should not have used the app to simply rant and vent as I thought! Turns out it is a discussion aftet all... Thank you for your comments really - I was not even expecting them. It is not a defense mode, I am trying to avoid people starting a discussion about this simple thing since I know most of it.. My work out did wonders for my nerves in the end. Imma gonna stick to that for now 😁
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    So people (one of the above) seriously removed the first point from an angry person (me) that tried the application for literally ten minutes, which application is supposed to help out devs that want to rant a bit?? 🤣 Seriously? That is precious!
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    @PublicByte Thanks! I know all that I really do. One of the reasons I am ranting is that I should have expected that since I am no rookie. So it is a weird situation where I am right and losing it at the same time. In any case I really do not want to go into details. Thanks for the support!
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    Commit messages convey details better in context of changeset than PR.
    I'm not sure about inline messages in diff (github hello) after commit was made, but you may find commits pretty conventional in code review process. ;)
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    And here I am with PR per feature 🤷‍♂️
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    This is devrant, so rant as you like.
    This, however, is the comment section, so comment we will.
    If you did something stupid, we will call you out for it. You're free to defend yourself, ignore it or take our advice.
    Be advised that whichever you choose, we probably won't remember it the next time we read one of your rants.
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