Hi, here's how things are working now:
– Me and MerryBandOfDumbasses1 are doing project 1.
– Me and MerryBandOfDumbasses2 are doing project 2.
– Me has project 3 for work with this adorable boss I'd hate to disappoint. (Anyone watching Brooklyn99? He's my Captain Holt)
– Me has to deal with thesis.
– Me is having trouble keeping her head above the water. (emotionally speaking)

Conclusion: Me is fucked.
The end.
*grins for the camera* πŸ˜€

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    easy fixes; drop project 1 and 2
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    I agree - if Project 1 & 2 is a lost cause, cut your losses and refocus on the rest.
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    Not possible... Or rather, not what I'm willing to do. I'll be throwing six months effort out the window if I drop 1, and 2 months if I drop 2.
    And the effort is specially precious because it was done through depression and quarantine.
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    @NoMad look up the sunk cost fallacy. It might help you with projects 1 and 2.
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    @kingcodra I understand your point. It doesn't apply here, however, because my success is guaranteed if I control my temper and don't start dramatic displays of anger (which I sense that I already did or am going to soon🀦‍♀️) meaning that it is not a novel work. It has been done before. I probably have to work for 4 other people too tho, (and make mistakes for 5. Lol) which is the nerve consuming part.
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    You know. That feeling occurs when things are not going well in the project(s). I think you should keep going despite all that. I often find that things get incredibly worse before they get better. I cannot tell you when or if they will but I know that if you keep going, there's atleast a non-zero chance of that happening.
    Just sink a little further and you will find that there's support at your feet.
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