So Minecraft Dunegons launched today.

Not my style of game, but I did purchase hero edition because fuck, the price is LOW given the IP attached and the fact that it was developed by Mojang. $20 for the full game and $30 for full game + extras? Incredibly refreshing in a market where $60 is standard for full game, and up to $75-80 for extras (like "I paid too much money" skins and such. I got a chicken pet and promise of two upcoming DLC with my extra $10)

Anyways I was happy with the price of a game for once and wanted to share!

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    How's the game itself?
    I loved Diablo and Diablo 2 and Path of Exile, so I'm interested if it's a good ARPG
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    @RememberMe Honestly I downloaded it and started playing another game with friends
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    @RememberMe I played it for a while afterwards and it's pretty good, the graphics are nice, the gameplay is smooth and the enemies are interesting so far. I only got through a few levels so everything is super easy still bit I'm hoping the game scales well in difficulty and has cool gear and stuff.
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    Oof someone didn't look at the total play time it's literally a 6 hour game with all the extras it's cheap bc u finish it in under a day ;;
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