Is learning R programming language for machine learning worth it?

I already know python.

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    unless you're required to do so, stick with python. Although R suite it's fairly easy to use.

    You'll need:
    Pandas: data analysis framework

    NumPy: Math framework

    Jupyter Notebook: A interactive page to display and manipulate data

    and you may read the doing data analysis in python book from O'Riley.
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    I been doing machine learning in python.

    I know numpy,pandas,and other common machine learning library/framework.

    Since the Harvard university is teaching in R (https://edx.org/professional-certif...) , I thought I will check out what is the big deals about R.

    Is this some kind of cash grab or maybe I am missing something?
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    @mr-user if you've got the cash.
    there is a cheaper option though.
    Doing Data is a learning plattform for data analysis where you also can learn R. https://www.datacamp.com/
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    I am trying to obtain a certificate. I can't just say I know the technology (even though I know it) , I need to have a paper-based proof.
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    There’s larger audience and support for python on ML
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    Take a look to scikit-learn.org and forget about R. R is great for data analysis but if you want machine learning go all the way with python.
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    What @franlopezd said
    Python with libs for the ML part,

    For analysis and visualization I’d highly recommend R. Making a violin plot is literally a three/liner. (Plus a line for output as pdf)
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