Fucked up my old phone (picked up an overheating phone with super cold hands and the screen exploded) and my new one is way faster despite having almost exactly 1/2 the CPU power (8-core 2.13GHz in old, 4-core 1.4GHz in this one) due entirely to the Android build not being dogshit. They both only have 2GB of RAM, so i'm still sitting at like 300MB of free RAM with nothing running, but it's a start.

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    What phones are those? What versions of Android?

    Er, 300 MB free sounds normal
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    @asgs Previously 8, now 9.
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    Can I just say - that's possibly the coolest way to break a phone that I've heard of.

    Pin intended.
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    Are you Mr. Freeze ? That shit had to be extremely hot, or your hands extremely cold to create a thermal choc in glass with just your hands.
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    @pipe My hands were cold as shit as metal cups with cold drink get cold as shit, or mine does anyway. The phone literally gave me a warning about overheating and that it was shutting down over it, which seems to take a lot to do. The screen also was prior cracked and expanded/compresed *a lot* (on cold days it'd literally fall out of the phone if you tipped it)

    So yes and yes.
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    @Parzi ... Ouchn. Frankenphone, Frankenphone, at least still giving a tone Oo
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    @Parzi Come to think of it, I've had a lot of hot phones, to the point where it would burn my skin, but never any phone shutting down due to overheating. No wonder it cracked.
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