I’m absolutely and positively speechless

I’d go on a long rant about how this is insane, if it goes through the order will probably have the reverse effect as intended, and will absolutely strangle business growth and beat down the little guy, but I’ll save it because you all probably understand that already.

Normal douchebags don’t seem to understand cause and effect as it applies to technology and the internet, and yet they write the doctrines by which we govern our livelihood. Pretty dumb.


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    It's a sign of the times ahead, #fakeNews will become the norm.
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    @C0D4 definitely, but I think it’s even one worse. I think in many ways this will cause companies to actually censor their users more in some ways, because if you remove protections they both can’t censor their users for fear of persecution and also can’t not censor their users for fear of persecution. But of course, the level of thought and consideration that went into this is “boo hoo they responded to my tweet” and doesn’t consider anything that comes after that. Just crazy how dumb and sad that is.

    So to tally it up, fake news will be propped up, all the news will be fake (and has been for many many years already) and then on top of that that fake news will be unfairly censored by those with hogs in the race and you’re goin mg to end up with a steaming pile of shit that you can’t discern any useful or true information from. And yet people will believe it because not everyone was trained from a young age to recognize outrageous bullshit.
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    I recognized the major news outlets were biased very left 20 years ago. It was like night and day. Now things are so far left it makes things that are actually unbiased look far right leaning. So now I have a complete distrust of everything. Lying has become the norm.

    Edit: So I will wait to make a judgement when I see the bill/order itself appear on a .gov. I dont trust anyones "interpretation".
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    Me: ah today was a good day, got a lot of satisfying work done, what could possibly go wrong?

    News: here, catch
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    The media bias is there and it's obvious, change is needed.

    The political spectrum is spitting up more and more each fucking year... Americans should get their shit together and abolish the de facto 2 party system. Having only 2 parties is really laughable. 😄
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    @Demolishun you’re totally right. But if we’re being fair a lot of this “right” media is saying some pretty outrageous stuff that’s clearly meant to compensate for the unfair left and ends up being equally bullshit. I have an issue with that too, that victim mentality is extremely dangerous
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    This is how I view the major news outlets:

    They turn this: https://youtube.com/watch/...

    Into this: https://youtube.com/watch/...

    This warping of context on every topic is what makes me distrust anything they say.

    For ref: https://imdb.com/title/tt0058331/
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    @Demolishun there’s another one like that I like:

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    @Demolishun i see it the opposite. Just laying out plain facts and statistics appears to skew left.

    The time we have entered is an unfortunate time of “post-truth” the facts dont matter, only how those facts make you feel matters.
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    @jeeper I had this discussion with a guy I work with. He took statistics from the engineering department. The engineering department hated the business statistics people. They learned in business statistics to make the data say what you want, while the engineering statistics people let the data speak for itself.

    And the facts are NEVER plain. For instance, the left made the claim that cities with with left leaning leadership was doing better by lowering infection rates. This was to imply left leaning locations were safer. The actual numbers showed that right leaning areas started at a 2% infection rate and lowered to 1.6%. While left leaning areas went from 7% to 4%. So yes, the rate is lowering faster in left leaning areas, but the narrative was to imply it was better to be in left areas. It was not true by any measure of the data. Then there is the ethics of politicizing a crisis for political gain. Repeating the same lie over and over makes people believe it.
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    So I sat down and read the actual order:


    It only seeks to enforce EXISTING LAW. The order seeks to level the political playing field as the original law was intended. It simply directs resources to ensure the law is followed. If a platform chooses to be a publisher then it will have to follow those rules, if it chooses to be a platform for speech it will have to follow those rules.
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