I didn't see this coming 😄

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    #0 Nice 👍

    #1 How is it that the majority of phone screen shots I have seen have sub 15% battery?

    /*App Idea modifys screenshots to custom battery level*/

    #2 Also I see you use the best time format.
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    Please charge the phone, mate!
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    I had 347 once...
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    @wirewolf This was right before going to bed, I put it on charger after doing my social media routine.

    Yeah, I get really confused by the am/pm system. This makes much more sense to me.
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    I wonder why =D. devRant hogs up ze battery ;)
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    @620hun how to you get confused by two letters? If it's before mid day then it's am. After mid day it's pm... 1300 is 1pm.
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    @ScribeOfGoD Except when it's 12 pm
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    @ScribeOfGoD But what I meant was people saying let's meet at 9, instead of 21. 21 is obvious, 9 isn't.
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    @620hun I still don't see how 12lm is confusing? In 24hour time it's still 1200. And it's helps to figure out if it's 9 in the morning or at night if you actually add the ending am or pm
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    @ScribeOfGoD I easily confuse noon/midnight with the am/pm system. Also, 9 pm is longer than 21.
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    @620hun I only have problem with 12pm and 12am. Which one is noon? Which one is midnight? Always mixing them up.
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    These days...
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