another example...

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    I'd smash both ends. Amirite? Yes, boys.
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    @hash-table They say fullstack lifts ball sacks too. Are you ready?
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    @hash-table That's the spirit! Welcum to the team!
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    @rutee07 Mission accomplished.
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    @StefanH Yeah, a joke about a sexual innuendo is what is wrong with the tech industry.

    Forget the censorship issues, tech monopolies and the purge of staff that don't align with company politics.

    Grow up.
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    @StefanH Honestly who gives a fuck? Its a stupid unfunny joke. Like if people blame the entire tech industry due to some few people thats just fucking around and joking, then i would call those the ignorants.
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    @Frederick Would you like to buy our all new Simp 3000?
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