Android development is unnecessarily complex. To the core. Rant #371651681324

Only being few months in to android development, I can say that using too many functions and classes for doing something silly is very illogical. I mean -
Livedata, think about it, if some data is shown on the UI, it must mean the UI be updated instantly on data change, but the concept of Livedata was introduced only few years back.Which again, needs an observer and we actually have to ask it to observe changes.

Android development is a mess. More and more updates to the architecture and code is to cover up the problems that shouldn't have existed in the first place. A simple Spinner with custom object will require more time in stackoverflow rather than actual coding. Very counter-intuitive, inefficient, time-consuming and exhaustive.

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    Android is also really old. That's probably why it's a it of a mess 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    After doing a lot of android development, Nativescript development, and a little iOS development.

    I am starting to realize that the future is web. It makes total sense to me to only learn ionic and PWA for mobile development as I believe the Web will prevail.

    Dev.to is the best example for a PWA.
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    @aj7397 totally agree!
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    @aj7397 even though I agree that the web is the future in my opinion it's also broken in the same way as Android development is broken. There's too many frameworks and considerations. The only difference is that web development can be done right, but it takes a lot of knowledge and is often overwhelming and it moves very fast.
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