my wife is setting up her new phone that arrived today. maybe i am a bit jealous. on the other hand i dont know how using devrant, reddit and duckduckgo justifies a new phone. better save this for my dream computer.

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    Relatable. I have problems with my phone getting slower every day but I just hate buying new phones. I don't know why.
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    My fam decided to buy on even though I told them mine's warranty just ended, so I do whatever a curious boy will do, create minecraft je servers on my phone and invite my friends 😂
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    @melezorus34 this is a reasonable usecase indeed!
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    Eh, you can use the old phone as a test bench for Android crap.
    I accidentally touchscreen-borked my old phone when I was flashing a recovery.
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    @rutee07 Probably because it's way too expensive for what it does. It hurts my being to spend 200-300 on a smartphone.
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    I always buy 1 year old flagship and use it for 3-4 years. I think it is the best way to buy a phone. And yes, 1 year old flagship is always better than a new mid range phone.
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    @lamka02sk absolutely! but i can envy my wife for her last-year-flagship as well... i use my phone since 4.5 years now and it lags more and more but i am just too cheap for a new one
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    I meanwhile have to reboot my iPhone 7 every day because randomly websites would not open or apps would just crash after start. I don’t want to reset it because backing up all my stuff is way to risky. Using iCloud backup is plying Russian roulette ... did that once and lost many contacts
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    There is officially no phone in the market which I would even consider buying for any price.
    They've all gone to shit. Total shit.
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