Noone !!
everything i know I taught it to myself ,
when i got stuck at some point I figured it out myself ,
There is no dev that inspired me for
coding, i just wanted to make cool shit so started coding

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    Same. Just happened to learn coding out of curiosity, everything that followed was using my skills to build stuff. No motivation, no inspiration, no role models, just me building and learning shit.
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    The modern dev makes the old saying about standing on the shoulder of giants too lame. You are standing on the dandruff of a shoulder of some dwarf standing on the shoulder of a giant.
    But you did all yourselves, nobody inspired you. Ok, fine.
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    @Ubbe :-D

    I'm sure all the online search results, tutorials, blogs, videos played some good part, but they are too blind to see any of that
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    @ubbe @asgs
    The questions was who is your dev role model.
    Watching somebody’s tutorial doesn’t make him a role model.
    Some of it is pretty shit to be honest.
    The real knowledge that i had is from
    1. P. Hayes computer organization and architecture
    2. Morris Mano digital logic design

    But I don’t think there is anyone that i will call a role model or the dev who helped me to learn something

    If i am going through libc ,gcc documentation, java documentation, it does not make writers of that document a role model

    There is a fundamental difference between a “role model” and a fucking “online-resource”

    But you peasants would know better right ?
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    Wow, that explanation was so mindblowing that it made my closed eyes wide open. Thank you for that
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