I just realized with this pandemic it's better to live in a dirt-cheap country, in a house you own, have a second hand car, work as a dev from home, become good with tools in your spare time, grow your own food in the garden.
Fuck this impossible system with it's promises of finding a cure and it's high pay but high taxes and expensive rent for living in a shitty rented apartment with no friends around, nothing to do than watch YouTube and play video games and be depressed half the time, then die because of lack of phisical activity.
I used to think countries that had good infrastructure were the best. Now public transportation is the worst idea around here, since no one wears masks and pretends all is well.
This is actually a decision I need to take next week. If you believe things will "get back to normal" please give me your input as it is valuable to me.

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    However, living in a dirt-cheap country could also mean not having the same assurances that you might get from a more advanced country, such as good access to internet, electricity, gas, fresh water, or a stable government (though that definition can be a little vague, nowadays).

    Can't work much remotely if your connection is so shitty that you can barely browse the internet.

    Things will get back to normal, eventually - one way or the other.

    But rather than going from one extreme to the other, you might want to look for a middle ground: reasonably developed country, but in a smaller town not too close to a big city, so you can have a small garden of your own.
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    @molaram That is a harsh issue indeed
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    It's a bad cold that's only dangerous to the frail and the sickly.

    I realize that "flattening the curve" is important and all, but the media is hyping this so fucking much. Some people are literally terrified of leaving the house. I don't understand.

    The cure is easy: get sick, get over it. Or take whatever medications have been shown to combat it well, like that malaria drug.

    Anyway, living away from the crap (read: inner city) and having constructive hobbies is absolutely a better idea. So is growing your own food. Much of what's sold here in the states is objectively not even food.

    Moving to a dirt-cheap country, though, would come with a whole host of new problems.
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    @endor Your input is very useful to me. Thank you! You are right about the conditions being worse when it comes to general health safety. These kinds of countries are being used by the richer ones that send all the extremely polluting materials to be burnt there which affects the environment.
    However with this pandemic I realized paying 500 Euros for a room in a shared apartment and "saving my money" which I can't do anything with seems pointless.
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    @Root I understand your point. The media fire truly is a very bad element to this crisis.
    However, I learned that media is apocaliptic anywhere I go.
    I have lived and fought against the host of problems cause by a corrupt government in a 3rd world country for most of my life.
    However I also keep seeing on YouTube people in the US that have limited themselves to a small town where they try to pull by as much as possible to grow something in their back yard and make their own repairs and such. Do you see a future in that?
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    Move to a middle class country. In eastern eu we had like no issues with the virus, life is cheap, but you still get all the infrastructural benefits of richer countries.
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    @yellow-dog You had no issues with the virus? Are there any worries about a recession?
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    @gitstashio we never went above 2k cases, with a population of about 9m.

    Recession is not a problem if you have no money to begin with 🤷‍♂️
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    Dirt-cheap countries also tend to have shitty medical support both for serious shit and "just" painful one like dentist care. Dunno about you, but I'd already be dead several times by now.

    Also, physical activity is not an issue. Get some equipment, and you have a home gym. Stuff like oldschool dumbbells with weight discs won't take much space. And some weight bands. Sure, you can't have those big workout machines, but free weights are better anyway.
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    I noticed some news article talking about how Eastern Europe wasn't so affected. Frankly I think it's because they just don't test enough.
    Regarding money, I actually believe that these countries will do better because their well being isn't as dependent to a high income each month as the Western Europe is.
    In other words if you lived for the past 5 years with 300 Euros per month and bought your food from "local" farmers you will be less affected than those in the west that spent 2000 Euros per month but are now only relying on the state and on supermarket food.
    In other words we should thank our corrupt governments for making us tough.
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    @yellow-dog There aren't even many cases in the world 😕 Some pandemic.
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    @gitstashio we had a more or less nationwide test conducted by universities, and the official data was pretty accurate, dont remember the exact confidence. It was more thanks to the immediate lockdowns, despite the west reeee'ing at us.

    @Root watch the usa numbers skyrocket in a week thanks to the "protesters"
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    @Root Exactly. I haven't worn a mask even once throughout this entire ordeal and I'm perfectly fine. I will say, though, this "pandemic" (a.k.a. fear-mongering rouse) has certainly done a great job at separating the sheep from the rest of us. As an American, I would love nothing more than to watch this government burn to the ground. But everyone loves to place the full blame on China. If only they knew that Bill Gates and the John Hopkins University were at the helm.
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    @yellow-dog There are the protestors protesting, and then there is Antifa attacking people and police, looting stores, and burning things to the ground. As Antifa is domestic and has been politically motivated (and apparently funded) since their beginnings at the start of the last US election, they fit the definition of domestic terrorists.

    It's horrible what that cop did -- especially because he was a cop and cops are there to serve and protect us. We're supposed to trust them and feel safe around them, and some of them outright murder people in public? But it's many times worse that violent people would use this as an excuse to start and escalate riots, spread further violence, target specific people, and burn completely unrelated buildings to the ground. Liquor stores, restaurants, department stores, even a freaking post office? What the hell.

    It's a sick, sad world we live in.
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    @Root im not gonna state my opinion on the matter, i dont live there and it doesnt really concern me, but i crossed off usa from the list of countries i want to live in.
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    @MrHallows "I wore no mask and I am fine" is the virology equivalent of "works on my machine". Who needs a firewall if nobody has tried to attack your server so far, amirite?

    @Root that's because most countries actually took action and tried to get their shit together asap.
    Meanwhile, the USA (4.25% of the world's population) hosts nearly 30% of all known cases (and 42% of known active ones), with potentially many more undetected or underreported, and a lot of people ignoring safety precautions.

    But I'm sure 100k+ deaths - with many more to come - means things are just fine. Just your ordinary bad flu...
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    @endor Let's say that 500,000 people will have died from the virus worldwide by the time it's over. WolframAlpha estimates the world population to be 7.66 billion. If we do the math we find out that 500k/7.66b is 0.0065% of the population.

    The virus is widespread, surely, but doesn't kill many people at all, let alone a large proportion of the population.

    It's a widespread cold. Not flu; cold. Coronaviruses, along with rhinoviruses, cause colds. It's a very bad cold, but still not particularly deadly unless you're already unhealthy.
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    yeah, I have a garden with potatoes, tomatoes, and chili.
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    @Root It is quite funny that there is group which rants about stupid client/boss/manager who thinks that it software engineering isjust typing and should be done in 1/10 of time also rant how bad practices done by someone else make working on project so hard. But healthcare? So easy just take malaria drug, oh wait it could quite fucked up you because of adverse effect... only unhealthy people dies and it isn`t a problem (8% children and adults have asthma) and mostly old people are affected (mean age of doctors is 52 in my country and also doctors are 0,7% of population).

    It is quite safe to say that HIV didn't kill anyone directly only co-disease, but if you get it and don't take professional care you will die faster and that matters.

    Social distancing and higher hygiene standards is good practice to avoid things which could be bad or not that bad, but it isn't that big price and if shit hit the fans it will be to late.
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    @Root cold-like symptoms != cold. This is SARS.
    A cold does not cause lung and heart damage, this does. Even if you're healthy.
    And when's the last time that thousands upon thousands of people went into respiratory failure from a cold? When's the last time someone said "oh shit, I got a cold, I might end up needing a ventilator to breathe"?


    Until you publish a peer-reviewed article that shows that "it's just a cold, no biggie, just get it and be done", I'm gonna tell you to shut the fuck up with that bullshit.
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    I love in a dirt country (Iran). nothing is cheap here, as a senior developer I have to save 50% of my income to buy a Mac book and to buy a house, oh you never can. and if you protest they simply kill you.
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    And about the virus, government does nothing here, everyone is at work cause money is more important than lives. A simple android studio and Android SDK takes whole day to download. and because of sanctions you can't simply download anything (Google, Microsoft, GitHub and lot of other services are banned here, even DevRant!)
    Do you really want to live here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...
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    @farid I think it is about countries from second world where live isn't that bad and if you work remotly for USA company you will live pretty good live. In Poland flat is 80k $ and earning around 3k$ per month gives you quite nice live, mean is around1,2k$ with taxes payed
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    @Root Inflamation of all blood vessels, thus higher risk of blood clots in your capilars (thus respiratory distress) and venous system and thus higher risk of heart attacks or strokes, encephalitis & meningitis, seizures, rashes, direct damage to your heart muscle, kidney, nervous system (headache, sickness, paralysis, loss of sense of smell & taste).

    COVID-19 is far from being “just a cold” it’s a virus that affects almost all your organs and causes long term damage to them.
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    @endor You do make a valid point there. The "Power of Intention" has always worked in reverse throughout my life, so I suppose I should start hoping that some infected stranger doesn't cough up a lung into my face, that I don't contract the virus and that the disease doesn't develop enough to take me out of this absolutely wonderful world we live in. :)
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    @Root Holy shit. That number (0.0065) is exactly 10,000,000,000 times less than the number of deaths the Event 201 simulation (which took place on Friday, October 18, 2019) predicted would occur by the 18-month point from when COVID-19 was manufactured— Erm.. I mean "discovered." That's interesting.
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