How capable are mobile gpus? I made a small game with godot, and all of the animations are done with shaders, and i get a really good performance, but i want to try a 3d game next and not sure if throwing 3d transformations on a mobile gpur is a good idea.

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    Some dedicated mobile GPUs (Nvidia/AMD) are pretty okay to be able to handle 3D stuff like games but of all the integrated GPUs Intel HD Graphics are notoriously bad, even the 4K versions, which are just as bad as the old HD Graphics series. Or are we talking Mobile as in Android / iOS Mobile kind GPUs?
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    @theKarlisK by mobile i mean phone
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    @yellow-dog oh, those mobile GPUs are pretty nuts - there are so many and a lot of them are pretty crap. A lot of those GPUs get hindered due to various penny-pinching steps like bad thermal throttling or underclocking from the manufacturer.
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    It depends on what type of mobile GPUs are you talking of.

    Dedicated mobile GPUs on laptops are pretty good, I had an RTX 2060 and ran excellent, it can run almost all games at ultra. Also, People expect a lot from Intel GPUs, but those are meant for content consumption like YouTube and web browsing. On the side of Phone integrated GPUs like Adreno; Those are not meant for anything heavy but they can still do pretty cool stuff if you know how to use them. Still what is matters is for the game to be playable, people won't like a good looking game that is also trash.

    Most games on PlayStore like FreeFire and CallofDuty Mobile look like trash but they have acceptable graphics for a mobile device, what matters the most is for the game to be good.

    Also, it depends on the API that you are using like a Vulkan and C++ based app that will perform 3x better than an OpenGL one. Optimization on Mobile GPUs is key for performance.
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    Quite capable. Adreno/Mali/PowerVR etc. use a few tricks to keep power consumption down, like tile based rendering (so you have to be careful to not put too much inside a tile for example), but on average unless your game is significantly heavy it should run just fine on phones. Read up a bit on their architecture and limitations (eg. memory bandwidth, special buffers etc.) and you'll get a fair idea of what and what not to do.

    Expect basic 3D operations to be fairly fast. If you can express your shader in OpenGL ES you should be good.

    You should test this though.
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    Answer to the question: meh

    My 3 year old nokia renders ~100 fairly low poly models with 40 fps, i think thats good enough.
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