This is a bit offtopic .

So Today I found that my family except my mother goes against me .
And that too just because of my grandfather's elder brother who is a bustard and once in the past he tried to attack on my father because of property issues and my father was one of the property holder .

What a family I got . Feels like sick . I don't wanna live with them anymore neither my mother . They ( my so called family ) literally said so many disturbing things that can kill a mentally weak person instantly . And me ?
Well , being just a boy in the home had to listen and defend .

One more lession I got from this incident that
Being aged doesn't mean someone has the proper matured knowledge .
How could a grandfather protect his bustard brother when he knows his brother Tried attack on his son .

This is so toxic .

I'll leave the rest for you guys's opinion .
I've decided to rent a flat somewhere else and live their with my parents .
Yeah Parents , because I can't just ignore my father . He alsl took care of me from the childhood like a gentleman but family pressure and other things couldn't let him decide the right move .

I don't know if I ever be able to look for this so called family .

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    Get out of there. Most families (especially Asian ones) are all about money and pride. Start a new life on your own. Some people are too old to let go of their old ways, you will lose your mind trying.

    Good luck, my boi.
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    @rutee07 That is the only way to be free from this . Leaving .
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    @spantheslayer I had a similar childhood and there is nothing that will give you those years back. Try to live your own life and, if you can, move out to your own place.
    My family is nice on the outside now, but I will never forget the past and that they never had the balls to apologize.
    Fuck psycho families
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    @PonySlaystation they don't know what is apologise means
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