Why does D-Link make absolutely useless drivers? I've bought a USB modem in order to use cellular with my laptop, and the controlling software absolutely sucks. Often it doesn't recognize the device even though it's plugged in, other times it randomly decides that there's no service despite my phone right next to it getting 4 bars. This fucking piece of shit cost 30€, and it's shipped with a proprietary piece of software that's so bad it was probably written by an intern for half the price of a single device.

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    Oh c'mon no fair! It was probably a cheap outsource who put it together by cobbling together stuff with ducttape.
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    I really like the ExpressCard modems of old in this regard, actually: usually large enough that the shittiness is held together by the space they play with, plus there's room for a real SIM! I think some still work on 3G, too...

    Oh, and they'd be on pretty much their own goddamn bus so that helps with detection a little.
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    My friend had a D-link router. He used to complain about it a lot. Later he switched to TP Link router.
    Are all D-link products crappy?
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    I replaced my D-Link USB modem with a cheap Android phone
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    D link doesn’t make drivers. They make cheap crap hardware. Windows users fail to recognize this so often. Sure, you can download drivers from any old oem but it’s the same Realtek or intel driver just packaged 6000 different ways. AFAIK d link does not tape out silicon and does not make drivers. Find out what it enumerates as and download the right driver. Of course this will be a bitch because the state of third party drivers for windows os is a train wreck but hey that’s your problem :)
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    @FrodoSwaggins I mean the userspace management software, but I guess that's something I could try.
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