Fedora's warnings are on point

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    Been using rawhide for a couple years now, have woken up in Timbuktu only once
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    @Condor I think it's great. It's already put together and it just works most of the time. Since it's based on RHEL there is a lot of information online as well.

    Oh , and Linus Torvalds uses Fedora
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    @Condor oh yeah lol. Tbh haven't been using it long enough to tell you and I'm running Fedora 27 beta, so it's already not the most stable thing
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    @Condor Arch would be ahead in 'bleeding edge' in most things, being a rolling release distribution.
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    Yes I do ! I will put a 💍 on it.
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    Haha I accept my fate. That's good.
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    I need this in my game. (as an early access warning)
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    Loved it 😂
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    I accept my fate 😂😂😂
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    At least they're honest.
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