"I'm gonna wake up early, and hammer out this feature, being super productive tomorrow"

Tomorrow comes:
- unexpected build errors
- unexpected runtime errors
- intermittent CI pipeline errors
- spends two hours trying to resolve errors
- literally hasn't touched the thing that's important

What else is going to go sideways? Watch Bitbucket or CircleCI fuck up and refuse to deploy this live for some stupid reason.

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    Did you forget countless PRs authors of which are constantly reminding you to approve rather than review their changes?
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    Sigh. Sometimes it's weeks.

    I know how ya feel. :(
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    Thankfully my startup is in the stage where it’s literally just me and one other person, but that sounds dreadful
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    Had same goal:

    Can't remember WTF the code does I wrote 4 months ago. Sorting through code to relearn this code. Maybe not as readable as I had hoped.
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    You're still alive?
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    Sure am 😄
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    Sounds like . NET to me... not saying its crap, just saying these problems sound eerily familiar, especially when nothing has been changed and they just... appear wildly out of nowhere
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