Pandemic achievement: I slept early and woke up early too! Fuck yeah!

... Tho I did dream of an old-crush-who-I-hate-now and then of my friend breaking her leg, so I'm not sure, but hey, more hours in the day! 😁

Now, first going for food shopping and then I'm off to work.💃

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    "then of my friend breaking her leg"
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    @Frederick was really a painful thing to watch. I woke up and texted her about it, so let's hope no legs get to be broken for now.
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    Oh, clarification: the leg that was broken belonged to the said friend.
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    @NoMad 😂 I didn't know that needed clarification until you mentioned it
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    @NoMad Well now i feel awkward, since i totally understood as her breaking the old crush's leg.
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    @Frederick lol I wish! Even I want to break his (the old crush's) legs 😜
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    @Root yes it did I read the aggressive version.
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    I never thought I'd find myself wondering whose legs were broken until this post...
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    @AlmondSauce what did you think the saying "break a leg" was about?
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    @NoMad Perhaps I'm just masochistic, but I always assumed that was a command for whomever it was said to... fortunately one that seems to have been rarely enacted in practise, of course.
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    @AlmondSauce if that was the case, it would be said as "break your own leg".
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    @NoMad Hmm. Good point. I can't say I'd ever considered this much before...
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    How easy is to follow this sleep early rise early routine?
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    @asgs not easy at all. I actually do have problems falling asleep, so for me to go to sleep early is actually very hard.
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    @NoMad I have problems with getting up. Whether I sleep early or late, I always end up waking up late
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    @asgs 🤔 maybe talk to a doc. You may lack a vitamin or something.
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