I need some help.

In light of everything that's been going on, I've wanted to help with the protests but didn't know how. I live in the UK and can't get out and protest because of my job. So I've decided to create a website to provide protesters with help in the form of software recommendations and tips for staying safe online.


I was wondering if anyone could help me test the site, just go over it, have a look and let me know what you think. Have I missed something? Have I been an idiot? Am I breaking some obscure law?

I'm a newbie to protesting in general but this feels important to me. I want to act and this is the only skill I have that I can use.

Any help or advice or guidance would be incredible. The site is new, I've only had about 3 days to work on it and get it live so there will be issues.

Thank you in advance and I love you all, stay safe if you're out there protesting!

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    Misdesigned UI, invalid HTML, some contrast problems and lack of content.

    I appreciate the irony that for tools of dissent, your first idea is to include some Google shit so that Google can also be aware of who's interested in dissent.

    On the upside, it has https and is lightweight.
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    The mis-design was intentional. I wanted ugly but obvious. That said, if you really think it'll just distract rather than help it stand out then I'll change it. I'm working on getting the site fully compliant with accessibility standards and design will need to play a part in that too I guess.

    The rest are good points. I'd only included the Google shit because Edge didn't seem to like my local fonts. Can be removed and just go to the default if needs be.

    I'm also not too worried about invalid html as long as it doesn't break anything but, if its obvious and frustrating then I'll fix it.

    My main goal was lightweight, simple and informative.


    Ideally I'd also not have the twitter tags and social shit but I want people to eventually share and the tags will then be necessary.
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    The misdesign is the splash-page. They sucked in the 90s, and they suck now. Replacing "click to enter" with "scroll to enter" is just as bad.

    The website isn't informative because you just list the tools, but the explanation what they even do is somewhere else or just missing. People who already know these tools don't need the whole website.

    The HTML is not just formally invalid, also the heading hierarchy is completely botched up because you're misusing heading tags for their default appearance.

    Why do the cards even wiggle around on hover when they are not clickable? That's "oh isn't it cool" design junk.

    For fonts, just use font-family and check which system fonts come closest to what you want on Windows, Linux and Mac.
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    Point taken on the design front.

    The site isn't meant to be too informative. It was, originally, just going to be a directory with some information on the item pages themselves mostly because I'm unsure on the complete legality of combining dissenting messages while seeming to help people skirt privacy tools in an age where that is borderline illegal.

    It's also a first pass. At first I just want to help people who are maybe less tech savvy find tools to help them stay more anonymous and secure while protesting.
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    @Charon92 Yeah, and it's these people where you'd need to explain what e.g. a VPN is and how it would help in dissent. Piecing the things together. So I'm not sure what the intended target audience is because for pros, it's old hats, and for noobs, it's not really helpful.
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    So not quite dumb enough for who I'm aiming to help. Ideally it was for anyone and everyone. I've started adding in some information about why encryption and tools are important.

    Perhaps it needs to be more hands-on than I'd wanted. A simple directory is only useful for people who know what to do with those listed items.

    Thank you for the honest feedback. Design will be pulled back, more information and better explanation on what is being shown.
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    This is more a design thing:
    I viewed it on a 1300 x 731 screen, and there was a little bit of x overflow. Not a major issue, but a little annoying
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    I'm certain there will be a lot of that, im using very little css with no real framework so I've basically just tried to get desktop and large mobiles.

    Thank you for pointing it out, there will probably be a lot more issues then.
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    @Charon92 For RL demonstrations, I also used to read up on antifa and nazi websites. While I hate both of them, I figured that they routinely make trouble and should know how to minimise the impact on themselves. ^^
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    That is a REALLY good idea. People should know about how both extremes operate and how to best avoid that.
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    Updated design completely, it might be too simple now but the information is what I want focus on. No more Google Font and I'm adding in a lot more information today.

    Thanks so much for the feedback, seriously. Made me realise I was being an idiot with a lot of the choices made. Simple is better than complex
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    @Charon92 The annoying splash page is still there. It seems really hard to let go of that crap.

    The heading levels are still botched up (though there's an h1 now), you should never underline text unless it's a link, and the validation still fails.

    However, the cards don't wiggle anymore, and the lower part is now sequential which makes more sense.
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