I love coding

But I hate coding

But I love coding

But I hate my buggy IDE

But I love coding

But my back hurts from all that sitting

But I want to work on my side project

But at times, it's frustration.MaxValue

But anything remotely related to coding I find interesting

But it's so hard to abide by good practices

But I love coding

But progress is so fizzlingly slow

But I love that elegant solution of the other day

But it took me 57 attempts to arrive at that elegant solution

But the shit I'm building is so cool



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    The trick is to view each problem as a puzzle and enjoy tracking down a solution to the puzzle.

    When you START getting frustrated, take a break.

    When you implement good troubleshooting techniques, and enjoy trying to solve the problem, coding becomes far more enjoyable, and you actually get better at problem solving.

    It's seriously all about perspective. Curiosity rather than irritation.
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