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... why does the word "secret" means two things which are basically opposites?

one being something that is/should be kept confidential (kept inside company/organization/person)

the other one being something that is... secreted (expulsed) out of body?

isn't it weird?

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    Ah yes, contronyms... I present to you as another example: sanction
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    @chilledfrogs i didn't know it has a name, thank you.

    also, i'm gonna go find out what's the deal with sanction. i think i have a vague idea, but not good enough to actually know.
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    I can't find the second meaning in dictionaries: https://wordnik.com/words/secret/

    Are you thinking of secretion?
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    The other one is secrete with an e at the end
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    @frogstair That is true, missed that one 😅
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    @Midnight-shcode There are many in different languages. I quite like the "plus" in French. It can mean "more" or not anymore".

    "J'(n')en veux plus" :D
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    @Jilano I never really understood how people can remove the negative word (ne/n') from a sentence. Even if they love shortcuts as much as the French do.
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    @Jilano It's kinda redundant if there's also a "pas", but they tend to skip it even where there isn't.
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    @Lor-inc Haha! It's definitely because it's shorter to say, yeah, so you end up having to tell the difference with the tone only. That wouldn't be such a problem if French people wouldn't speak with a monotone voice *shrugs*
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    @gronostaj yeah, i realized my mistake about half an hour after posting...
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    yes, it's as weird as your tag and header.
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    @gg45 ah... yes, that is weird, because as far as i remember, what i put into the tag box was:

    "i get these sorts of thoughts when i'm drunk"

    my guess is that the tag box doesn't like apostrophes, so it sanitized out my whole tag, and then since the tag value was empty, it automatically added the default "rant" tag?

    either that, or option b: i was too drunk to know what i was doing.
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