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    Oh you sweet summer child
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    Currying is something which messes with me a lot... You start thinking: "idk about this, seems okay but I can't think about use cases" and you end up with currying and plenty of memoization everywhere, realizing you cut a lot of execution time without breaking a sweat!
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    I can’t stand these ideas of teaching programming in a month or 3 months or whatever.. it’s such horseshit... all we are doing is flooding the job market, devaluing the skills, and lowering the pay.

    No I’m not trying to be a gate keeper... Im just not for setting people up with false expectations, as a business owner I don’t like a flooded job market low quality skill set (with people thinking they know more than they do)... AND as a programmer I don’t like a flooded job market as it lowers the pay. As clueless hr folks don’t understand the problem, and think just cuz there are a lot of people looking for jobs we can Lower the pay ... supply demand... supply is artificially high due to bullshit like people trying to teach programming in 3 months .. month or whatever setting people up with false expectations and unrealistic confidence
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    @QuanticoCEO definitely I think that people who actually knows what they're doing and is worth their salt should stand up for themselves and not accept trash pay, some companies think they can get a way with it because aforementioned conditions
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