So, to anyone defending IBM at this point, a member of a client's offshore team used their paystub as test data. Aaaaand I was horrified by what I saw.

Their pay is less than $2/hr ($3973/yr, 300k INR).

I can't even. Not only that someone would pay so little to a supposedly degreed professional (I question the validity of that claim based on performance, that's a story for another time), but that companies feel comfortable giving full production system access to people I would not blame for taking bribes.


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    I knew this was you just like I know it's an IBM job advertisement when it has "Java" and "Application Developer" in it. :D
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    They're not even teaching them java anymore. They're scraping the nodejs barrel now.
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    It's frightening to me that a bribe like "hey, just install this thing, I'll pay you a whole years salary. Hell, 2 years! Just install it. Easy" is so within reach to so many people! People have spent way more to get way less in the way of blackhat tactics.
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    We used to have a whole bunch of them $2 drones back in the day...they were worthless, more pain than gain, we just got rid of them, replaced 180 of them with 14 staff that actually did far better at much lower TCO.
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    That's usually how it goes, skilled people are worth an army of grunt labor. $2 is just way lower than I've ever seen. IBM bills them at $28/hr.
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    In the game of life, world pay equality is not realistic, especially in areas of the game that support capitalism. Reality is some folks are dealt shitty cards.. and other folks are dealt good cards.. and other folks are dealt okay cards... but everyone in the game now matter what cards are dealt at the beginning are fully capable of being dealt the best cards.

    And actually doing what you plan todo, at all costs, regardless of what others say. Regardless of what others think. Focus on you! If you get distracted by others while your striving for the best cards, you will never be dealt them.

    Also, as long as there are players who are willing to continue to accept the shitty cards.. shitty cards will continues to be dealt....

    Don’t blame the Game, or NPCs.... blame the players.
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    The executives making the decision to outsource to such sweatshops are only looking at the bottom line, and at the short-term bottom line, for that matter. All they care about is lowering costs for the moment, and getting a nice bonus for it. If it blows up in two years' time, costing ten times as much, what do they care? They will have moved on, and/or found someone lower in the hierarchy to assign blame to.
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    @pythonInRelay One who said they are genius... have you ever called tech support for IBM? You get an Indian call center.. these people just read scripts .. no comprehension of what they are saying. Far from genius.... AND a genius would be aware of the situation they are in and move on
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    @pythonInRelay “well, Karen .... I AM The boss” 😂
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    @SortOfTested <$4000 is too less but long back i have worked with even less for a local R&D startup

    I do agree with this there is a lot of harassment at that level of salary.

    IBM, Cognizant , Infosys, Wipro are some of the main companies that hire these software consultants for grunt work. never worked for them but i heard a voice of lot of applicants

    These companies gets by giving low salaries saying “at least we are feeding them”
    For a country of population a billion+ less salary sounds like a very first world problem ( people should just stop fucking already!!! )
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    @pythonInRelay you are wrong price for which you buy peanuts in india you can have a one day meal. Blame your government for that
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    @QuanticoCEO what do you think should be solution of this ?

    I think a extra federal tax should be imposed on companies that hire employees offshore for a job that can be handled in home country.
    Tax can be inversely proportional to complexity of task for that employee is hired ,

    That I think is only way we can make sure that resources are allocated properly
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    That's fucked up.
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    Add in the extra hours ( without pay)
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    I'd then have to deduct all the hours they stare at a screen getting nothing done.
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    Well the people who do that never do extra hours because they will be kissing the bosses ass instead
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