TFW your client's git policies are so draconian that the dev teams use "develop" as trunk, and completely ignore the release process.

I wrote up 50 pages of git standards, documentation and procedure for a client. Bad indian director 9000 decides the admin (also Indian) who specializes in Clearcase and has no git or development experience is more qualified to decide and let's him set the policy.

FF to today:

- documentation, mostly contradictory, is copy pasted from the atlassian wiki
- source tree is the standard
- no force pushing of any branches, including work branches
- no ff-merge
- no rebasing allowed
- no ssh, because he couldn't figure it out...errr it's "insecure"
- all repos have random abbreviated names that are unintelligible
- gitflow, but with pull requests and no trust
- only project managers can delete a branch
- long lived feature branches
- only projects managers can conduct code reviews
- hotfixes must be based off develop
- hotfixes must go in the normal release cycle
- releases involve creating a ticket to have an admin create a release branch from your branch, creating a second ticket to stage the PR, a third ticket to review the PR (because only admins can approve release PRs), and a fourth ticket to merge it in
- rollbacks require director signoff
- at the end of each project the repo must be handed to the admin on a burned CD for "archiving"

And so no one actually uses the official release process, and just does releases out of dev. If you're wondering if IBM sucks, the answer is more than you can possibly imagine.

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    can I rebase *my unpushed small commits* pretty please?
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    "No, the proper way to be updating the codes is nested merge"
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    Burn it with fire
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    Holy shit. This is fucked up!

    One question to your last point:
    When exactly is the end of a project? 😆
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    No idea, my last day is freitag though.
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    Ah yes, the cover-your-ass game that HR has perfected: devise terrible processes that barely work, require executive and/or committee approval to change them, force people to document everything, and punish anyone and everyone who disobeys -- even if things work out.
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    I am an Indian and I don't feel offended.
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    Interesting to see that even after 10 years since I last worked with them, IBM is still hard at work digging themselves into the ground.
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    That's good 😋 I'll always regard nepotism as unethical, no matter who engaged in it.
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    ClearCase, ClearQuest, TestManager, ahh... I love the smell of Rational in the morning
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    @bytewind . Morning, now?. So you are in the American continent!
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    @BlueSky I'm in Vietnam and Rational in the morning smells like victory son!
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