I HAD typed up a big, long rant... but then I deleted it because as much as I WANT to rant today, I realized I'd prefer to still have a job tomorrow (yeah, I know, could always do a throwaway account, but fuck that). It's just one of those days in paradise.

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    And that's why you don't link your DR account to your RL identity. Privacy 101.
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    Gotta keep em separated 👍
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    I still don't know why society decided to collectively throw the concept of internet privacy down the toilet but I hate it.
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    ironic comment from the guy who used his irl name
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    @Fast-Nop fully support anything 101👌

    I guess there can be enough metadata too make a connection but nothing solid enough to prove anything if you do it right (posting actual unaltered code is not doing it right).
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    Eh, I'm not really arguing with anything anyone is saying, but at the same time, I'm a "you say what you mean and you mean what you say" kind of guy, doesn't matter if it's IRL or online. Yeah, sometimes it means you can't really go off when you may want to, but I don't really see that as a bad thing. If someone is gonna not hire me because I said something they didn't like online, unless I was supporting Nazi's or something extreme like that, then honestly it's not a place I want to work anyway.
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    Well... Somebody already got yeeted out bc of devrant so it would be vise to hide your tracks...
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