Sooo I’m typically a proponent of physical copy of books, as I’d rather sit and read them, write and take notes. Essentially all my books turn into something out of the “half blood prince” potions book from Harry Potter.

But it’s so inconvenient as either my books are in my office or in the library at home. It ends up being something like connecting a USB... the book I need at the time is always in the opposite place I am in currently.

Also, all the books I want now are newer and none are on the used market. For a reasonable price.

So I gave in a bought an iPad with the hopes of putting the books in pdf form on it... I’ll pay for some PDFs but hey if I can get it free thru a google search then it is what it is lol.

Not sure how I’m gonna adapt to reading on a tablet, as I really prefer a physical book.. hell I still use national brand computation notebooks for all my notes. Nothing beats writing it down, AND I still have an IBM selectric 3 and Swintec, nothing beats sitting down and just letting the thoughts flow neatly on a piece of paper and then glueing it the notebook

Anyway whatcha y’alls thoughts of using an iPad as a digital library of books.. using the Apple Pencil to annotate the book. I bought the 12.9 inch as the screen size is closest to a sheet of paper

Also, I don’t read fiction all the books I read are nonfiction, reference manuals, textbooks, data sheets, user manuals, stuff like the art of computer programming by knuth, Kent beck, Robert Martin, folwler books, etc

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    I never made the jump, because there isn't a tablet in the form factor of a technical manual.
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    @SortOfTested which is why I have never made the jump either. But each year goes on and I don’t see any sign of a technical manual tablet in the pipeline.

    I love physical books, and paper copies of text or anything. All of the reference manuals from suppliers come in only pdf form no longer do they even offer the old printed bound style and send you a copy any more.

    Every is always shocked how much I use the printer. But it’s easier for me to read something physical. Can take notes, highlight. Remembering is easier etc.. plus I live in the woods and have plenty of trees. I’m not worried about the whole “cutting trees for paper environment impact”... recycle the paper i don’t care. Physical is better. Trees can be replanted. Still better than making books out of plastic paper... imagine that.. hehe
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    @SortOfTested also, movement around PDFs suck, but I’m gonna have to give it a try. Sure they have “bookmarks” but nothing is as simple as a sticky note and flipping right to it, rather than taping or clicking a 100 things just to get where you want.

    And still can’t do the same thing as quickly jumping between two pages in 2 different sections of a manual
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    Kindle DX was the closest anyone ever came. There's a Chinese tablet that meets the criteria, but only uses a format distributed in China.

    I honestly prefer PDF books on desktop. Easy annotation, searchable, etc. Love my iPad pro, but it's just not a great reading device.
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    @SortOfTested searchability of a pdf is nice, I will say that. Converting a book that a pdf does not exist for sucks, like I have some older books that digital copies don’t exist for someone needs to create a way to easily digitize while still enabling searchability and the sections etc like a normal pdf, rather than just a “picture of a page” pdf
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    Check scihub. You'll be surprised the number of things people have scanned and ice'd.
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    @SortOfTested woah this site is awesome lol
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    @M1sf3t the e ink thing bothers me because it’s sooo slow atleast the ones I’ve seen like the kindle dx.

    Plus it’s all black and white / grayscale which is fine for some cases.

    The iPad and pencil because I also use OneNote, and and I figured I could use some of the other apps I use on my phone. The larger screen will be nice. But figured the pencil be convenient for annotation of the PDFs.

    I also like to print certain pages after annotation would be nice.. you can’t print from ereaders from my understanding.
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    @M1sf3t yeah from my understanding refreshing eink is not been improved. If there was color, and refresh wasn’t still slow. I think there could be some potential for it.

    I’m the complete opposite unless late at night or early in the morning. My screens are typically at 100% which is sooo bad. But I also use dark themes on everything including my iPhone, and PDFs so its not so bad but I can see what you mean.
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    I feel the same way. I prefer physical books because they smell good and, if thick enough, can be used as a weapon to bash someone's face.

    Kidding aside, I can focus more when reading and holding an actual book compared to having an entire library in digital form. I have been thinking about getting a Kindle though since I plan to travel more and it's just not fun carrying books around. Usually, I'll bring 1-4 books with me.
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    @rutee07 exactly lol, I feel like with the iPad I’m gonna be so distracted with all the books at my finger tips, all the time, I’m not gonna sit down and focus on one I’m gonna jump between too many and get no where
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    I've used a tablet once for reading andi hated it. I do prefer an eReader then
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    @SortOfTested What about the Microsoft Duo that was (fairly) recently announced?
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    Just buy the cheapest Android table and stick all PDFs into Google Drive. Then you can access them with your phone, PC, from home, from work, on the can, and so on.

    I also use online book services (Netflix of books) for all recreational literary activies.
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    @thatDude I won’t use android tablets. I just don’t like the experience of them. Especially the “cheap” ones... it’s like buying a “cheap” android phone. Complete junk
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    Not technical manual sized. I was interested in the idea back when it was called the Courier.
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