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    @PublicByte it is slow, but I'd gotten used to it. It never occurred to me that it could be faster. Reading that question did it though, it shattered my mind and blended my brain. I can no longer think about things the way I did a few scant minutes ago. My life is forever changed, for I have glimpsed into a dimension gojira I had never even conceived I could FASTER imagine, let alone perceive in reality. Can Jira go faster? Can Jira FASTER? Jira, faster? Fast? Jira? Go... Jira?



    I'm just having a rough day I think
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    @PublicByte well, today is your lucky day, because can Jira go faster? You bet it can!
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    @PublicByte yeah actually Jira stands for "Jira Is ReAlly slow"
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    Today on marketing comments rephrased into facts:

    "Is JIRA slow?"
    You bet it is!
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    @PublicByte it's like there's an asterisk that marketing forgot to add:
    "Will it go faster? No."
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    Yes you can get fast ... Use something else
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